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The Borough of Oakland

Rules of Conduct for Public Meetings and Hearings

  • Please state your name for the record.
  • Identify the agenda item or topic you wish to address.
  • We request that you limit your comments to 3 minutes to allow time for other members of the public to speak, unless otherwise approved.
  • Foul language or derogatory remarks will not be tolerated.
  • Remember that your comments are part of the public record.
  • Any video recording devices which are shoulder mounted or mounted on a tripod shall be located in the back of the meeting room, behind the last row of chairs.
  • Small hand-held audio and camera equipment and other recording devices must be visible and are permissible in any row of the public seating area.
  • Any individual seated in the public area who is video and/or audio recording must remain seated with their device while recording. In the event that such person wishes to stand, he/she must stand behind the last row of chairs while recording.
  • No artificial lighting may be used for videotaping purposes.
  • No audio or video recording devices may approach or be set on the Council’s meeting table, other than the one in use by the Borough’s Secretary.
  • All recording devices (video, audio, digital) shall be turned off before the meeting/hearing is called to order and at the adjournment of the public meeting/hearing. Comments before commencement or after adjournment are not part of the public meeting.
  • All recording devices shall be powered by a battery or rechargeable battery pack. The use of cords or wall-plugs will not be permitted.
  • Members of the public and/or press may not, without permission, reconfigure chairs from how they have been set by the Oakland Borough Council at the beginning of each meeting.
  • Oakland Borough Council does not discuss employees in a public meeting. Any concerns
  • Should be done in writing via a personnel complaint form and provided to the Borough’s
  • Administrator during office hours, mailed to Oakland Borough, or emailed to oaklandborough@gmail.com. The concern will be directed tot the presiding Council person for the corresponding department.

Adopted 7/26/2019, Revised 1/6/20, Revised 1/3/2022, Revised 6/9/22